Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Voice

What a weekend!

It began with a wedding celebration - my cousin finally tying the knot. It was a beautiful evening of love, laughter, tears and joy. And the whole family partying the night away.

When I returned home, I was completely exhausted. My throat felt coarse and dry.

Had I been laughing and shouting too much? Hmm. The music was awfully loud to carry a decent conversation.

Oh dear, I lost my voice.

And to top it off, I picked up a chest cold.

Can you imagine the despair and frustration I felt; just trying to communicate?

I couldn't even talk.

And when I did, my voice sounded like Marge Simpson!

Mr.O told me I shouldn't strain my voice.

But I know my boys were loving every minute of it.

No commands, no hollering, no scolding and no singing.

Just silence.

Watch out boys! Luckily, I still have the look.

No words needed here.