Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Flowers In Bloom

Thank you Frankie Flowers but I'm hooked on gardening! I practically read your Get Growing book every night!

Just when I thought I was done weeding, digging and planting. I found myself going back to the garden centre. I couldn't resist picking up this lovely hydrangea.

I also found this ornamental shrub in my backyard. Mind you, I never even planted it! I believe it's Abbotswood Potentilla.

Take a look at my Swan Lake and Altissimo climbing roses.

Look, there's room between the tomatoes and hydrangea. Let's plant Columbine! I love it when the flowers are in bloom!

With all this gardening, no wonder Mr.O thinks I'm crazy. I talk flowers, dirt and mulch all time! Maybe I should start a gardening blog.


Monday, June 20, 2011

Supermarket Mayhem

My boys are well-behaved in school, in church and in restaurants.

They also do extremely well in formal settings like weddings.

But when we take them shopping - it's a disaster!


Why must they run around amok in every aisle? Chasing each other other, laughing out loud and paying no attention to other shoppers.

I just don't understand.

I pull aside my eldest boy, and give my youngest a menacing glare. Somewhere in the pasta section, I begin the lecture.

Blah, blah, blah.

A.R's blank stare says it all.

Will this supermarket mayhem ever end?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy Gardening

"Mommy, gardening is hard work."

Wise words from my little boy who is supposed to be pulling out weeds, picking up twigs and debris.

Instead, he's exploring nature than gardening.

"Look there's a worm! There's a beetle!"

I catch my breath from digging, and squat beside him. We stare at the insects, and play in the dirt for awhile. J.P reminds me to take a break, and enjoy the outdoors.

However, our rest was short-lived. Mr. O and Mr. L, our friendly neighbour, cut down the two diseased fruit trees in the backyard. It was a big job - and even bigger clean-up! The boys pitched in to collect branches and sticks. They did such a great job that we rewarded them with some ice cream!

And luckily, it only took three days to get rid of the wood piled up at the side of the house. Free firewood, anyone? People happily picked up lumber to use for camping, or for their wood-burning stoves!

And I'm glad to see the trees gone. Now there is plenty of space and sun in the backyard. The possibilities are endless - should I plant an ornamental shrub or tree, or create a vegetable or a rose garden? Hmm.

But first, I'll focus on my perennial garden. I've finished extending my flower bed; divided and moved a few plants. Mr. O and the boys finally put up the garden arch that has been sitting in the basement for three years! And I've selected and planted new perennials. Here are the plant tags that I've saved and catalogued:

Chrysanthemum and poppy.

Clematis and butterfly bush.

Hopefully, I can post pictures when the flowers are in full bloom. Right now, the garden is a work in progress. There is still so much to do.

And summer's almost here! Oh no!

Happy Gardening!