Friday, December 2, 2011


A few weeks ago, J.P came home from school with a letter he wrote to Santa Claus.

He was very excited for us to read it and then mail it.

Every day, he would ask if he had a reply. And each time, I would soften his disappointment, "Honey, the big man is busy this time of year. Don't worry, he will send you a letter soon."

This week, his letter arrived. 

"Mommy, I'm on the nice list! The nice list!"

"That's wonderful."

"Santa is real! He answered my letter! See? This is proof that he really does exists!"

Oh no!

I thought J.P would never believe in the man in red. Four years ago, the boys caught my brother dressing up as Santa. And my eldest shouted, "He's a fake!" It was a hilarious scene.

But it's amazing what a letter can do.

I expressed concern to Mr. O but he smiled and told me to let it be. I asked him, "Do you believe?"

He responded, "Do you?"

Hmm. Good point.

Let the magic of Christmas live on.