Friday, April 20, 2012

Dream Garden

A few days ago, I went out to the garden to rake, weed and clean up the flower bed.

I was so happy to be outdoors, enjoying the fine weather.

It was delightful to find that my climbing roses, and poppy survived the winter. I even discovered a new leafy plant - I hope it's not a weed!

There's still amending the soil, dividing and moving plants. And overseeding the lawn - a job for Mr. O to tackle.

And although I spent two hours in the yard; working hard to clear up all the leaves and removing old blooms. I must admit, it was time well spent.

Once inside the house, I took out my gardening books. This is where the planning and magic begins!

I'm so inspired.

What perennials will I plant this year?

Peonies? Daisies? Aster? Lavender?

And to think it was just a plain backyard nine years ago. I have no regrets creating a small garden - expanding the borders and adding new plants every year.

Now, It has grown to be a patch of heaven.

Slowly, it is becoming my dream garden.