Wednesday, April 11, 2012

In Training

"Mommy, the Easter bunny didn't come today!"

No? Really?

Truth is, my boys are too old for egg hunts and egg decorating.

It's hard to let go but it's time to move on and grow up - especially for my twelve year old boy.

I think he's been pampered, doted on and spoiled far too long.

I stopped doing things for him. A.R prepares his clothes for school, packs his lunch, and washes dishes. When we dine out, he orders and pays for his own food. Soon, he'll do laundry and learn how to cook.

Even our youngest boy is in training too.

I would do everything for my boys but I wouldn't be helping them.

I have to step back, and teach them to be independent. As parents, it's not only our responsibility to give them shelter, food and love but to guide them and teach them life skills for the future.