Monday, April 30, 2012

Together Again

Finally, some good news.

Last Thursday, A.R and his teammates competed in the Battle of the Books Regional Championships, and placed in third overall.

What an accomplishment!

Last year, the school team finished fourth, so it's wonderful they improved this year.

That same day, my youngest son came home with a letter, stating he'd been accepted to his brother's school - J.P  will be enrolled in the grade four extended French program this coming September.

And I hope J.P will like his new school. I know he will leave behind some of his friends, and start anew. It will be an adjustment for him but knowing that he has a sibling there will make the transition easier.

And it also means a new routine, J.P will take the school bus with his older brother.

Oh, how I'll miss taking my boy to school!


It has been a long three years; the boys going to separate schools, having different schedules and school events. At least, they can now share them and more importantly, they'll be together again!