Sunday, September 30, 2012

Three Years and Counting...

"You still blog?"


Mr. O is amazed.

Just because I took some time off from writing - doesn't mean I've nothing to say. Do you think I've given up my blog completely?

Are you crazy?

What would I do without it?

I'm a mother of two boys - energetic boys! This is how I keep my sanity!

And I've been blogging for three years, with over two hundred posts under my belt.


I think I can write whenever I want to.

There's no deadline.


But I do care for my readers. You're all special to me. Perhaps, it's the thought that someone out there is reading, and relating to my experiences.

And how can I forget that it's my family that inspires me to write the most.


No love lost here.

I'm here to stay.