Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The First Avenger

A few weeks ago, Mr. O and I went shopping at the local party store in search of J.P's Hallowe'en costume.

He chose Captain America.

And it's one hot selling item this season.

To our surprise, the outfit cost thirty-five dollars!


Unfortunately, Captain America's shield did not come along with the ensemble. The price tag for one is twenty dollars.

Are you kidding me?!

All this for a child's costume?!

Even The Hulk would go berserk and smash those prices away.

So, we made our way home without the shield. Maybe we'll find a better deal.

As expected, J.P was thrilled to see the garb we picked up until he asked, "Where's the shield?"

I know. I know. We'll find one or make one.

But you know what? Our boy has been doing so well in school. Coming home with A's.

How could we refuse such a request?

Yesterday, we bought the shield.

And now he's been parading in full attire, flexing his muscles (lots of padding underneath the fabric) and holding his armor like a super hero.

He is, afterall, a star spangled man with a plan.

The First Avenger.