Friday, May 11, 2012


"Should I get a laptop or tablet?"

"It depends what you want to do."

Mr.O cannot make up his mind. I asked him if he wants to do more on the laptop, or does he want convenience?

He stated that it would be nice to have a tablet if we go away on trips.

Tablets are portable and lightweight while laptops can be bulky to carry around.

We compare IPad, Samsung Galaxy and Blackberry Playbook. All great tablets to have but which one would Mr. O prefer?

And just how much is he willing to spend?


We opted for the Blackberry Playbook. It made sense to purchase one because we already have a Blackberry smartphone. No need to get another service plan!

Mr. O asked me to set up the Playbook; he has no patience for apps!

My inner geek wanted to know what it could do. I spend the next two hours getting familiar with the tablet. And I end up tethering my phone to the Playbook, and even used BBM from the tablet! I was quite impressed.

Not bad for $200.

But still Mr. O wanted a bigger screen, and bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab. He tried it but realized the Playbook had better connectivity.

Would he get the IPad 3 instead?


He wanted a Playbook.

It may not be as sleek, and cool as some of the other tablets out there but he really liked it.

I do too.