Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The First Avenger

A few weeks ago, Mr. O and I went shopping at the local party store in search of J.P's Hallowe'en costume.

He chose Captain America.

And it's one hot selling item this season.

To our surprise, the outfit cost thirty-five dollars!


Unfortunately, Captain America's shield did not come along with the ensemble. The price tag for one is twenty dollars.

Are you kidding me?!

All this for a child's costume?!

Even The Hulk would go berserk and smash those prices away.

So, we made our way home without the shield. Maybe we'll find a better deal.

As expected, J.P was thrilled to see the garb we picked up until he asked, "Where's the shield?"

I know. I know. We'll find one or make one.

But you know what? Our boy has been doing so well in school. Coming home with A's.

How could we refuse such a request?

Yesterday, we bought the shield.

And now he's been parading in full attire, flexing his muscles (lots of padding underneath the fabric) and holding his armor like a super hero.

He is, afterall, a star spangled man with a plan.

The First Avenger.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Why Can't Every Day Be Like Friday?

It's Friday!


My boys came home early from school. And without delay, they hung up coats, put away shoes and emptied lunch bags.


Last month, I enforced a rule that homework, music lessons must be completed; and showers must be taken before computer time.

And funny how these tasks are always accomplished - most notably on a Friday!

At five o'clock, we have dinner.

I'm astonished as my kids devour the meal in ten minutes, not a word spoken!

No second servings? No dessert?


Nothing but eat and run.

And I'm left all alone at the table.


What happened to my boys?

Strange. But it's remarkably quiet here.


Why can't every day be like Friday?!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Too Much

Are we putting too much out there on social media?

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. The list goes on and on.

Sometimes, I think we are.

It's wonderful to keep in touch with family and close friends but to let them see everything, I think is excessive and personal.

Sharing pictures of special occasions, trips and favourite foods.

Checking in places- restaurants, shopping malls and the doctor's office.

Even posting a status.

I admit I've done all that!

As I scroll down my timeline and see all the updates. I realize I may have spammed others with my life!

For the sake of Mr. O and my boys. I'll give them privacy.

Why allow every aspect of my life to be seen, or heard?

I'll be more careful next time. I promise.


Sorry, I couldn't leave that out otherwise.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Handy Man

Ten years ago, we moved into a modest family home just east of Toronto.

As new homeowners, we painted all the rooms, cleaned the old carpet and upgraded the windows.

However, Mr. O was clueless how to do minor home repairs. And so he called his father to teach him plumbing, building and electrical skills. He even bought Do-It-Yourself books!

At first, I wasn't too crazy about him buying power tools and spending time at the local hardware store.

He was busy doing projects around the house - replacing old light fixtures, tiling the floor, and installing a new bathtub.

Life at home with two small boys, and a barrage of home renovations can be very stressful.

Why don't we put the home restoration on hold?

Till the kiddies grow up a bit.

Truth is, Mr. O is enjoying his hiatus. It's been far too long.

So, when my son hollered, "Mom! The toilet is not flushing!"

Guess who popped in my head.

Who else?

Handy man!