Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Hubby Is No Techie

Mr. O came home and stated, "My phone is old. I don't even have a flash on my camera."


He was quite emphatic that he needed a new phone.

I told him Blackberry launched two new smartphones today- Z10 touch-screen and Q10 physical keyboard.

Mr. O was impressed.


Mind you, my hubby is no techie.

Which means once he purchases one, he will ask me to set it up. Then I would have to explain how the smartphone works.

He has no patience when it comes to social media, apps, BBM, music, videos and other special features.

Truth is, having a fast, sleek device like this makes me wonder if he will use it to its full potential.

I know, I will!

So far the reviews on the new devices have been positive.

And Blackberry 10 is available on February 5th.

Two days before my birthday!


Now, wouldn't that be a wonderful gift?

Hint. Hint.