Thursday, January 17, 2013

Style Over Comfort

It's hard to believe but there's a teenager in my home.


In a few months, my oldest son will be thirteen years old!

A.R has come a long way - no longer the cute, little boy who gave me kisses every day.

Now he's close to my height, and his shoe size is bigger than mine.

And sadly, no more kisses.

There are many phone calls from friends, and leisure time spent on his iPod Touch and Facebook.

And when it comes to fashion, A.R knows what he likes.

Hoodies, cool t-shirts, his favorite baseball hat and messenger bag.

One day, I suggested he wear track pants to school.

He looked at me in disgust and uttered, "I don't wear them anymore. I like jeans."


When did that happen? Where have I been?

At least, he doesn't have a girlfriend. Thank goodness!

Style over comfort.

I can live with that.