Friday, April 18, 2014

Happiness Awaits

It has been a few weeks since Papa's passing.

And although, we still think of him and miss him dearly.

We continue to do the things he would have wanted us to do.

Every Saturday, after A.R's guitar lessons, we drop by the same bakery as we did before.

We have lunch at our favourite Chinese restaurant.

He's still very much in our thoughts, prayers and daily lives.

His portrait now sits on top of the piano.

I say a simple hello to start the day. As if he never left us.

And these were the flowers I took home after we said our final goodbye to him.

We enjoyed them for a week. It gave us some hope, beauty and comfort. A little consolation from all

the sorrow we felt.

And my African Violet is in bloom. Spring is here and happiness awaits around the corner!

A sign of better days to come.