Monday, June 9, 2014

To Our Loving Mother

Dear Friends,

My heart is so heavy.

Just when I thought we could move on, we lost another loved one, so
dear and precious to us.

On Wednesday May 28, 2014, we said farewell to our beloved mother.

This one is so hard to bear. I'm inconsolable.

Within two months, my boys have lost a paternal grandfather, and now a maternal grandmother.


The last few weeks, we prayed, waited and hoped but it was her time to go.

I was with my dad, brother, aunt and cousin in her final hours. Keeping vigil, and ensuring she was comfortable and given medication whenever she was in pain.

On that May afternoon, she passed peacefully, surrounded by her loving family.

Mom was just seventy-one years old.

She was a wonderful mother, grandmother, sister, aunt and friend.

And she left us too soon.

It gives us great comfort to know she no longer suffers and she is now at peace.

Mom died on her terms, she was able to see and say goodbye to all her family, relatives and friends. She had no regrets, and no bitterness in her heart.

Her faith was strong, she was a devout Catholic. She always wanted us to pray for her.

All of those people who visited her were touched by her courage, strength and love. She enjoyed every moment with her family and friends especially with her granddaughter, S.E.

Before her passing, she made several requests. One of them was for white flowers. Her wish came true!

Mom, our lives will never be the same without you. Dad, L.A and I will miss you so. You will live in our hearts forever!