Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Once a meal is done, I'm left alone to clean up the mess.

Dirty dishes, empty ice cube trays, and a milk pitcher left on the table. Soiled napkins, and plastic wrappings that are crumpled and should be thrown in the garbage!

And when I have finally tidied the kitchen, and put away the cutlery, glasses and dishes for the day.

Why are there more plates, and cups in the sink the very next morning?

We didn't have breakfast yet!

It baffles me all the time.

Did the kids think that everything is done automatically?

That the dishes will be washed, ice cube trays will be full and milk bags will be replaced every single day?



I think I'm going to turn my off button for a change.

I need to recharge my batteries.

And for the remaining days of summer, it will be set on manual for the boys.

Good luck!