Wednesday, October 1, 2014

High School

It's official, my son is in high school!

A.R attends a French Immersion secondary school.

I'm so thankful he wears a school uniform too. No need to worry about his outfits every day!

And when I asked how his first day was; he replied, "It was okay."

A young man of few words.

His schedule is new and different from his elementary years. He now wakes up at six-thirty in the morning, showers and has breakfast. Then leaves by seven-thirty to catch his bus.

I was a little worried that he had to walk by himself to the bus stop.

I have to remind myself that he's fourteen years old and not a little boy!


Although, one of his teachers said there was still a gap between the grade eight and grade nine curriculum. I think he is adjusting well to high school life.

Geography, Religion, Math and French are his subjects for this semester.

Good luck, A.R! You survived your first month!

We hope you have a great year at your new school!