Wednesday, October 15, 2014


It was the Thanksgiving long weekend.

We spent time with Mr. O's family on Saturday and celebrated with my side on Monday.

And even though my father-in-law and my mother are no longer with us.

We can still feel their presence.

This year, I hosted Thanksgiving Day for my family. I set the dinner table with Mom's beautiful crochet table cloth. I wanted her to be part of this special occasion.

If she was alive today, she would have hosted Thanksgiving, and prepared a feast for us to enjoy!

She loved cooking for her family.

And how we miss it!

There are favourite dishes I need to learn. We loved her Filipino cooking- pancit, lumpia and puto; blended with a traditional Canadian Thanksgiving meal of turkey, ham, and apple pie.

This year was simple- shepherd's pie, salad and turkey. And for dessert, fruit salad, brownies and pecan pie.

Not the usual spread my Mom would make but it's a start of something new.

I guess it's time that I carry the Thanksgiving tradition, I know Mom would be happy to see us all together.

Thanksgiving is all about family. Treasuring the time we have together.

So much to be thankful for.