Monday, June 20, 2016

A Birthday/Father's Day Weekend

J.P officially turned 13 on Saturday.

I can't believe he's a teenager!

I now have two teens in my household!

We surprised him with a Captain America lanyard and Avengers t-shirt. His reaction was priceless! We're glad he loved his birthday gift.

We couldn't throw him a party because of the busy weekend we had. A 6oth birthday lunch on hubby's side of the family and J.P's recital at the New Conservatory of Music Festival.

We wanted him to practice and have a relaxing evening at home before his recital the next day.

So we ordered pizza and J.P had his practice time.

Yesterday, he performed, "Sad Romance" for his violin solo. I've heard him play this song many times before but I was touched with his performance. It's so beautiful with piano.

He placed second in the Junior violin category.

Well done, J.P!

What a wonderful Father's Day gift too!

You made us so proud!

He had a great birthday weekend!