Monday, July 4, 2016

Clueless Beauty

One day, I was browsing on YouTube when I discovered a make up tutorial video.


Have I been living under a rock?


Clearly, this mama doesn't get to do much on her free time!

And when you're the only female living in a male dominated household. You find yourself navigating your way to anything but sports, anime and online video gaming.

I was quite fascinated and spent the whole day watching these videos.

Funny, huh?

I sat at the table, glued to my laptop screen watching girls get ready in the morning and at night. 

So many uploads of applying foundation, shaping eyebrows and contouring faces.

Honestly, I was more interested in the skin care routine.

I was suffering from dry, red, itchy skin under my eyes. And the dark circles weren't helping either!

Mr. O said I had raccoon eyes.


Thanks, honey. 

I was on a mission to remedy this problem.

How can I look and feel beautiful again? 

The solution  - the right skin care and anti-aging products!

Yes, that's it.

Thanks to those beauty experts and make up artists on YouTube! 

I'm now so inspired. 

I want to share my thoughts on beauty, fashion and skin care in the coming weeks!

Stay tuned!