Monday, July 11, 2016

Summer Training

Last week, I was busy packing for my son's trip.

Let's just say this isn't your ordinary summer vacation.

J.P will be attending summer training for cadets in Trenton, Ontario for two weeks.

He has never been away from home this long - especially without us!

I've been feeling anxious for weeks.

There was so much to prepare.

He was given a long list of things he needed to bring for his stay.

I was quite overwhelmed with the task at hand.

I drilled him like an officer and told him not to lose his health card and important documents.

I also asked him to open and lock his suitcase on his own. And to set combinations on his padlocks.

I said we wouldn't be there to do it for him and that he would be responsible for his belongings.

We double checked the kit list to see if we had forgotten anything.

Are you ready?

Yes, ma'am!

Yesterday, J.P left for Trenton with his squadron.

Before he boarded the bus, I hugged him and asked him to call us after he settled in.

I was teary eyed when I walked away.

I never thought it would be so darn hard.

An evening phone call from my son softened my worries.

He sounded happy and excited.

Glad that he's safe and sound.

I think he'll be just fine for summer training.