Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Road to Recovery

My Dad is out of the hospital and staying with us until he recovers from surgery.

He's been with us since Friday.

And life became a little more hectic in our household.

It's for the best.

I can monitor his blood pressure, make sure he takes his pills on time and he eats well.

My main concern is that he gets his rest and he's comfortable.

Mr. O and the boys don't mind that Papa is here.

Life without Mom has been hard on him.

Dad tried to live alone but I don't think it's working out.

He needs to be with his family.

And for now, he will remain here until he regains his strength.

Until then, Dad will decide what the next step would be.

My brother and I wish that he would consider moving out of his apartment and living with one of us permanently.

It's our duty and responsibility to make certain he has the quality of life that he deserves.

We want him to be healthy, active and happy in his twilight years.

Dad is getting a glimpse of what life could be like for him.

He doesn't have to worry about rent, meals and bills.

And he wouldn't be alone.

Sounds enticing, huh?

You bet.

Dad agreed to stay for awhile.