Monday, August 29, 2016

Stephen King's 'It' Remake

Mr. O heard there was a movie being filmed in town - a remake of Stephen King's 'It' film.

A vacant lot was being used for the project.

One day after doing errands, he told me we were going to the movie set.


I didn't bring my nice camera!

So, off we went to find the street where it was filmed.

And this is what we found:

                            An old dilapidated house. Yes, the one that you see in your nightmare!

The structure is built around scaffolding and will be used for exterior shots.

A creepy old tree stands in the front yard.

                                                             Don't even think of trespassing!

                                                                            Side of house.

The house faces west, and it's located near a quiet neighbourhood. We visited the movie set in the evening and it was the perfect backdrop for all things eerie!

Release date of the movie is September 8, 2017.