Wednesday, October 5, 2016


"Bruh, stop trolling me!"


Pass me the urban dictionary because I have no idea what my teenage boys are talking about!

The language they speak with their friends isn't always understandable.

My eldest son once described a game with the word "vanilla" meaning you have to play the basics.

I joked that Mr.O plays in mocha!

"Mom, NO! Please! Are you trying to be cool again?"

Analogies aside, I guess I'm not the cool, hip, and tech savvy mom.



So smug.

Here's a sample of words used in daily conversation:

troll - Someone who is annoying or creates disruption or discord
rekt- When someone who gets completely destroyed or wrecked (in a game)
bodied- Same meaning as rekt
scrub- Someone who is bad at a game or activity
noob- Someone who knows little or newbie
P-cool - Pretty cool

Take notes Baby Boomers and Generation Xers.

J.P shakes his head at me, "Mom, you're such a noob."

Is that so?

'You're such a scrub!"

Dinner's ready...