Friday, December 16, 2016

Puppy Love

Last month, our eldest son told Mr. O and I about a girl he really likes in high school.

Mind you, A.R is in grade eleven and she's in grade nine.



It was jaw dropping news for me!

He said they first met in school choir and later in guitar club.

Without a doubt, he's smitten!

We've never seen him so inspired. 

He acts and speaks differently whenever they Skype each other! 

It's definitely puppy love!

It sounds sweet and innocent but we did have a serious talk with him. We told him that they're still very young to be in a relationship, and they should focus on their education and having fun.

A.R agreed with us and said he enjoys hanging out with her at lunch and at guitar club.

And last night at their school Christmas concert, he introduced us to her.

Mr. O took a picture of them. 

I admit they looked so cute together! 

(However, you won't hear me say that to my son.) 

A.R is still my baby. 

I'm not ready to let him go!