Thursday, February 2, 2017

Last Minute

It was supposed to be a typical Monday evening.

Boys come home from school, have dinner and J.P would get ready for cadets.

After dinner, J.P was lying on my bed.

"Mom, my foot hurts!"

"Huh? What happened?'

I looked at his right foot, and noticed his fourth toe was swollen.

He confessed that he hurt it last Saturday when we went to a birthday party.


"Why didn't you say anything about it?!"

He said he didn't feel any pain at the time but it started to feel terrible at school. And he complained it hurt when he walked.

I was a little upset that he didn't tell me about his injury sooner. 

The day before, J.P asked if his classmate could come over so they could work on a school project. Which was due on Monday! Seriously?!

Is this common in teenagers?

Doing projects and disclosing afflictions last minute?

We cancelled plans to do errands and headed to the walk-in clinic.

Luckily, his toe had a small fracture and it would take one to two weeks to heal.

No need for a cast.

Thank goodness!

However, the week is not over yet.

I'm bracing myself for what's in store next!